This past weekend I spent hours slaving away in the kitchen making countless batches of Christmas treats. I am trying to stockpile these treats for when my family herd shows up for Christmas. Some of these treats are my favorite because my mom made them when I was little, and others I have come to love as an adult.

  • Photo courtesy of BigSisLilSis/flickr
    Photo courtesy of BigSisLilSis/flickr

    Almond Roca

    This is so rich, buttery and delicious. It is the one Christmas treat my mom always made when I was growing up. It’s just not Christmas without this crunchy treat.

  • Photo courtesy of rfduck/flickr
    Photo courtesy of rfduck/flickr


    I never really liked this as a child, but I love it now. My favorite is chocolate, of course, but you can get fudge in almost any flavor.

  • Photo courtesy of erinsikorskystewart/flickr
    Photo courtesy of erinsikorskystewart/flickr

    Peanut Butter Blossoms

    These are my husband’s favorite. They have a very light peanut butter flavor and a giant chocolate kiss in the middle. I’m normally not a big fan of peanutty treats, but these are the exception.

  • Photo courtesy of kristin_a(meringue Bake Shop)/flickr
    Photo courtesy of kristin_a(meringue Bake Shop)/flickr

    Sugar Cookies

    These are the most fun of all the Christmas treats to decorate. I could spend hours making these delicious treats. Nothing gives you that sugar kick, quite like a sugar cookie does.

  • Photo courtesy of Rick Waller/flickr
    Photo courtesy of Rick Waller/flickr

    Gingerbread Cookies

    Nothing says Christmas like gingerbread. The thick, dark molasses taste in the cookie pairs perfectly with any Christmas drink – eggnog, hot cocoa or hot buttered rum.

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