When the Maulers were playing in Missoula, I went to quite a few games. Unfortunately since the Maulers morphed into the Bruins, my schedule has been difficult as far as going to see our home town hockey team play. Finally this past weekend I made it to Glacier Ice Rink to see them play, and boy was I glad I did. There is something about live hockey that is just so much fun, you have to see it for yourself.

On Friday night the Bruins beat on Glacier winning with the final score 8-0. So going to the game on Saturday I knew we would probably win again, and I was right. The Bruins also got the win on Saturday night 7-1. But it was so fun to watch, the hitting, the scoring, I had a great time.

There were only two things that could have made the game a little more fun. One being, turning up the in game announcer. It was difficult at times to hear who scored a goal, or what the penalty was that was called. But that is a minor adjustment. The only other thing was that more fans need to show up. The whole rink should be going nuts when we score seven goals in a night, it was ok, but as fans we have to do a better job.

I cannot wait to see another Missoula Bruins game!


    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!

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