One of my fondest memories of Father's Day with my Dad is our tradition of barbecuing. I can remember a year when we both spent hours trying to perfect our own BBQ sauce and dry rub. (See our inspiration from Alton Brown, below). It was not only a fun bonding moment, but we also felt like we could possibly master the art of BBQ. Granted we used just about every dish in the kitchen, and manged to leave the kitchen looking like a bomb exploded. But, Mother's Day was last month so we just went with it.

What Dad wouldn't want a hot meal and a cold beer for Father's Day? Why not combine both and knock Father's Day out of the park? It is actually easier than you might think, and oh so delicious. And the best part is you and dad can periodically perform "quality control" and check on the "freshness" of the beer you are using in your recipes.

Check out some of the best ways to incorporate beer and bbq into your Father's Day meal. Everything from beer marinated ribs, to beer salad and even a beer-gahrita.

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