Cell phones are expensive - at this point they're basically mini computers that we carry around with us everywhere we go. And iPhones are right up there among the most spendy you'll find when it comes to a phone. But at what point do you say "no thanks, I'm good" when someone finds and tries to return your lost phone? This might be just that scenario.

Workers with A-1 Sanitation out of Kalispell were cleaning a vault toilet in the Flathead National Forest when they found an iPhone 11 Pro at the bottom. The crew of three people were intrigued by what they found and wondered if the "poop-soaked phone" (their words, not mine) would still work after being submerged for who knows how long. After drying and sanitizing the phone they plugged it in and were surprised to find it powered on.

The screen was locked and protected by a password. They tried to locate the owner by contacting both Verizon and Apple but neither could access the phone without having permission from the owner. Then the light bulb went off - after removing the SIM card from the phone they found and inserting it into another phone, they were able to get enough info to make contact with the phone's owner.

It looks like the story will have a happy ending as a Facebook post from A-1 Sanitation recapped the entire story and mentions the phone is headed back to its rightful owner in Helena. That's a pretty good story to keep in mind the next time you ask to use a stranger's.....or even a friend's phone!

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