Christmas is a time for giving, but Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is warning the public about giving any money or information to scammers that are using some new tricks this holiday season. Fox says one of the new scams appears frequently on social media.

“The gift exchange post that are kind of a pyramid scheme that promise you that if you give a gift that you will get many in return,” Fox said. “They have had labels like secret sister gift exchange and use hash tags like' love matters gift exchange.' Those promises are typically bogus, but they are also illegal.”

Fox also warns of another technique for digital deceit: the use of fake smart phone apps, which can steal personal information.

“We just recommend that folks do their homework and research these mobile apps before they download them,” Fox said. “In particular, the best thing to do is just stay with the device sponsored app markets because they are pretty good about keeping the bogus apps from getting out.”

If you’ve been scammed or are aware of a scam circulating in Montana the Department of Justice Office of Consumer Protection Bureau has a reporting hotline at 800 481-6896 you can also contact them via the Office of Consumer Protection website.