Even if you're out enjoying a ride on your mountain bike in a rather remote wilderness area, you probably don't expect this!

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks tells us that a man riding a mountain bike Friday afternoon (June 28) had an encounter with three or four mountain lions (he did not stop to count) on the Whitefish Trail System near Haskill Lake. The bike rider said the lions followed him down the trail for brief period of time, which probably felt like forever. He eventually lost sight of them.

The mountain lions did not make any physical contact with the rider, but based on what he told Montana FWP, they did display some predatory behavior. No management action will be taken.

Mountain lions are typically pretty solitary critters, so maybe it was a freak encounter with some juveniles. But as always, trail users are advised to be aware of possible encounters with wildlife. Be cautious and be prepared.

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