After a long day of working hard, many Montanans love cracking open a cold beer.

Montana has a love of alcohol. In any town or city, you can find a high-quality brewery or distillery that many locals enjoy daily. Montana has been ranked consistently as a state that consumes high volumes of alcohol.

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We recently did a story about the Ten Drunkest Towns in Montana, and people loved it. That had us thinking, what is Montana's favorite beer to drink? We did some digging and found our answer.

Eat This, Not That came out with a list of The Most Popular Beer in Every State, and we disagree with Montana's pick. The most popular beer in Montana is Budweiser.

Budweiser via Facebook
Budweiser via Facebook

We have nothing against the King of Beers, but we don't believe that Budweiser is the most popular beer in Montana. I've lived in Montana most of my life, and the most popular domestic beers are either Bud Light or Coors Light. Even Busch Light is popular among the college crowds.

We would also like to point out that Montanans prefer to pick a craft beer over something mass-produced. Two Montana craft brewery beers come to mind that locals love. Those two beers are Kettlehouse Brewing's Cold Smoke Scotch Ale and MAP Brewing's Midas Crush IPA.

Kettlehouse Brewing Co. via Facebook
Kettlehouse Brewing Co. via Facebook

Both of these beers are in high demand all over the state, and Kettlehouse had a Cold Smoke shortage a few years ago because of the high demand.

Either way, if you are having a rough week or need a drink to enjoy with your meal, maybe give one of these beers a try.

For more details, check out Eat This, Not That.

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