Spiders are among some of the most feared things on earth. Although do we really have to worry about poisonous spiders here in Montana? After doing some research and getting some great information thanks to the Great Falls Tribune, you might not have to worry as much as you think.

The most dangerous spider that is native to Montana is the Black Widow spider. Getting bit by a black widow can cause cramping in your muscles and excessive sweating or even, very rarely, death.

The other spider you need to be careful to avoid is the Brown Recluse spider, although they are not native to Montana. If you get a bite from a brown recluse they can be very bad even leading to necrotic lesions, which can lead to other infections and leave scars.

The Hobo spider is native to Montana but they aren't poisonous to humans, so as creepy as they are you really have nothing to worry about.

You're really going to want to be careful at the end of summer, as the weather gets colder spiders are going to try to find warmer places to live. This is the time that you will see the increase of spiders inside of your home.

The good news is, most spiders only bite humans under extreme conditions, such as when they are cornered or their eggs are endangered. Watch where you step, shine a light on dark corners and crevices before you stick anything sensitive in them, and you're probably going to be fine.

Personally, I handle spiders without issue, as long as they are smaller than the bottom of my foot. Now snakes on the other hand, will send me screaming like a little girl in the opposite direction. I wonder how many poisonous snakes live in Montana...

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