What do you think would be the most popular Halloween costume in Montana for 2017? Halloween choices are becoming exotic in our case.

From TV characters to Superheroes & Villains, lots of different number-ones for each state. The folks over at All Home Connections and CutCableToday.com have put together a guide to every state's most popular Halloween costume. According to them, we here in the Big Sky State love (wait for it) UNICORNS.

The most common choice in other states was the superhero category overall. I laughed at the one choice for cheerleader as the number one costume which is normally a female outfit but realized it's a big college state and a lot of college or high-school guys dress as cheerleaders.

Plus Montana is in it's very own category with T-Rex loving states.

Map courtesy of https://www.attsavings.com
All Home Connections & CutCableToday.com
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