Some significant weather changes have settled into Montana, and we know thousands of hunters are still trying to fill those tags!

And things are looking up, not only weather-wise but rut-wise according to our helpful pals at Realtree.  They say good pre-rut activity continues until November 25, with the peak breeding between November 10-20.  See if you are in agreement with some of their theories and strategies.

Incoming/Outgoing Cold Fronts

Rut activity seems to increase just prior to and directly after a front passes through. Deer seem to go into feeding frenzies at these times as well. Where the does go, the bucks follow.

Temperature Drops/Other Weather Events

Look for days with significant low to high temperature drops. Focus on food sources, transition zones and staging areas. Remember even warm spells can "shock" deer into getting on their feet. And naturally, rain and snow have an effect. Hard precipitation will keep deer hunkered down. But light rain and snow will encourage movement instead. Be ready.

Moon Overhead/Underfoot

More does feeding while the sun is up leads to more bucks on their feet during the day. There have been lots of studies on the moon position (not moon phase) and their validity seems to be gaining traction.

So, with what appear to be the best days still ahead, these are just some of the factors you might want to consider. We hope the next few weeks bring you a fantastic harvest of various meats in the freezer!





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