We've seen it all over the place in Missoula over the past year or so - there are tons of places that are hiring, but it seems like they just can't find anybody to work.

There are a lot of different factors for this: people getting fed up with low pay, a housing crisis that is pricing people with lower incomes out of Missoula, people being unwilling to work service jobs that require face-to-face interaction in the middle of a pandemic... and those are just off the top of my head.

A new study actually shows that Montana's job quitting rate is the second-highest in the nation, just under Hawaii. So why are Montanans quitting more jobs than the rest of the country?

Well, it's partially due to the reasons I just listed above, but it's more than that. In KULR8's story, linked above, one suggestion mentioned that since Montana is very rural, it's easier to find work from home - meaning people are quitting their jobs in person and finding potentially higher-paying jobs without having to leave the house.

Others are seeking out better opportunities after having felt unappreciated or undervalued at previous places of employment. Despite the record-high quitting rates, Montana is currently at a 14-year-low for its unemployment rates, at 3.1%.

Of course, for a different perspective on the matter, we can always turn to the sage advice of one Homer Simpson.


Have you noticed a trend of people quitting their job in Montana? Do you think you'll be quitting your job soon? (If your boss is around, don't answer that.)

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