Montana is the worst state for impaired driving on New Year's Eve, according to a new report from Even with a lower population than other states, the per capita rate of DUI-related traffic deaths was over 7 deaths for every 100,000 people between Christmas and New Year's Eve. On New Year's Day, Montana drops out of the top five. That day, Wyoming is the worst, followed by South Carolina, North Dakota, New Mexico and Alabama.

Impaired driving most often is caused by drinking, but other drugs can be involved. Nationally, there were 285 drunk driving related deaths in the final week of 2018. Safewise reports New Year's is the second biggest drinking holiday in the US. Mardi Gras is the biggest. The word from law enforcement is to find another way to get home from a New Year's party if you've had too much to drink. A friend could drive you home and there's Tipsy Tow in the Hamilton-Missoula areas. Add to that, there's a weather advisory for snow December 31 this year, adding to driving danger.

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