Have you ever set out to catch a big one on Father's Day Weekend? The beauty of the weekend is you don't need to have a fishing license to try your luck on the water. Even if you don't catch anything - doing a little free fishing is a pretty great way to spend some time with dad, grandpa, or your kids. If one politician in Montana sees his idea become reality - you'll be able to do some of that same free fishing on Mother's Day Weekend as well.

If you've ever stood in the aisle at a grocery store and looked through the Father's Day cards - you know a good portion of them have some sort of fishing reference. Here in Montana, the selection of Mother's Day cards might have to start incorporating some of the same fishing themes for mom. Pat Flowers is a Democratic State Senator from Belgrade and he's introduced a bill that would allow fishing without a license to take place on Mother's Day Weekend in May - just as it already has been in June for the last 10 years.

The idea behind the bill is that more families will get outside and experience fishing - something that might not happen if every member had to purchase a license prior. I guess you could say the goal is to get more people "hooked" on fishing. No? Tough crowd!

The bill is waiting to learn its fate from the Senate Fish and Game Committee.

And no, this doesn't mean you'll have an excuse to not get something nice for Mom. I'm proposing my own bill where you can't just tell her you're going fishing as your gift!

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