The saying goes "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila....floor." It is one of the many choices of alcohol that always seems to have people react differently than others spirits. Tequila always seems to have a way to flip a certain switch that makes inhibitions go out the window. That is probably why I always have the urge to dance with my shirt off, whenever tequila is involved.

What is even more dangerous about tequila, is that it tastes so good when mixed with lime and salt. Take that combination of ingredients and ad a splash of triple sec, and you got yourself a drink that will immediately transport you to summertime memories. Maybe that is why "National Margarita Day" lands in the middle of winter. That way people can pour themselves a drink and pretend they are on the beach in Cancun.

Today is "National Margarita Day" and the website Zippia searched for what states in the US love margaritas the most.

Here is how Zippia says they came up with their results.

We turned to google trends to find which states have the biggest search volume for “Margaritas.”

Odds are pretty good if you’re googling margaritas, you’re looking to get your marg on. Related searches include “takeout margaritas near me”, “applebees margaritas togo”, and “best tequila for margaritas.”

We looked at a full year of searches, giving every state a full opportunity to show their love of margaritas, rain or shine.

The results show that Montana (along with North Dakota and Utah) is one of the few states that rarely search for margaritas. Meaning we are not big fans.

Do you or agree or did reading this make you thirsty?

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