Native Americans in Montana and their allies are concerned that they are losing influence and representation as seen in actions taken during this year's state legislative session controlled by Republicans. Bills that sought to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day were tabled in committee. Funding for two state health positions dedicated to Native American communities were cut. The only Native American member of the state’s human rights commission wasn’t retained. State Sen. Shane Morigeau, a Democrat and one of 11 Native Americans in the Legislature, says it has been a “nightmare.” Republicans said any suggestion of discrimination is absurd.

LOOK: Milestones in women's history from the year you were born

Women have left marks on everything from entertainment and music to space exploration, athletics, and technology. Each passing year and new milestone makes it clear both how recent this history-making is in relation to the rest of the country, as well as how far we still need to go. The resulting timeline shows that women are constantly making history worthy of best-selling biographies and classroom textbooks; someone just needs to write about them.

Scroll through to find out when women in the U.S. and around the world won rights, the names of women who shattered the glass ceiling, and which country's women banded together to end a civil war.

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