When I moved to Montana from New York last year, I road tripped across the country for just over three days. I covered a lot of ground in that time, and saw so many sights - highway rest stops, Waffle Houses, sometimes even a hill or two. And when I reached Montana, I thought, "Wow, I must have almost reached Missoula, can't wait to get there!"

Eight hours later, I finally reached town. That is a long time to be driving through one state, especially when there's not a whole lot to look at. There's some really beautiful stretches of mountains for the first hour or so, and then it's a loooooot of empty highway, hours and hours before you even reach the next city.

So I wasn't too surprised when WalletHub put out a list of the Best and Worst States to take a summer road trip in 2019 and they ranked Montana among the worst. We came in at number 41, factoring in things like cost, safety, and activities.

Still, we beat out Kansas, which is the most boring state I've ever driven through. Do you think Montana deserves its low ranking on the list or should it rank higher?

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