Millennials can have it rough - they're often overworked and underpaid, they've got thousands of dollars in student debt, and every older generation seems to hate them. (I'm 26, I speak from experience).

But it turns out, if you're a millennial, Montana's a pretty good place to be! Zippia put together a study figuring out the best states for millennials to live, based on four different factors: Millennial Unemployment Rate, Average Student Loan Debt, Millennial Home Ownership, and Percent Of Millennials Living In Poverty.

And we cracked the top ten! Montana placed number ten on their list - here's what they said about it:

Montana is sometimes referred to as “”The Last Best Place”, which seems fitting as we end our top 10. Montana has a lot to offer millennials. The low millennial unemployment and low average student loan debt definitely help millennials thrive.

As a millennial who moved from New York (all the way down at #49 on the list) to Montana, it definitely feels like I made the right choice. But if you're a millennial and you're looking for something better, it looks like Utah is the place to be, taking the number one spot on the list.

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