I was born in Nebraska and went back to visit some family last week.  As I was flying into Omaha I could see some of the areas that were still affected by recent flooding.

Today, I saw this story and thought it was too cool.  I had to share it.

Mike Takeuchi of Columbus, MT just traveled over 1,000 miles to help flood victims in Spencer, Nebraska.  He posted on Facebook and asked if there was any interest in donating to Nebraskans in need.  And he wrote that he would transfer supplies and donations in his truck and trailer if enough donations and money were raised.

How great is this?  The first reply was from a person offering to cover the fuel costs!

Takeuchi found out the items that were needed most and focused the attention to collecting fencing materials, hay, barbed wire, animal supplies, and more.

Now, there are at least 13 semi loads of donated hay that need to get to Nebraska.  If your interested in helping with donations, visit the Montana to Nebraska Flood Relief Facebook page.

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