Being a nerd has sure gotten a lot easier over the last few decades. Thanks to technology, a person can "geek out" on just about anything. You can be a gaming nerd and play hours of RPG games with people all over the world. But, back in the day, the old school nerds had to befriend like-minded nerds in their general area. People who enjoy sitting in musty basements for hours on end. Hours of playing out the fantasy role-playing game dungeons and dragons.

Fast forward to today. Has technology and advancement of RPG games online killed the classic D&D nerd? As it turns out, the answer is NO. There are still like-minded nerds gathering on a regular basis to play out their roles in the fantasy game. In fact, there are some states where it is easier to find a D&D nerd than others. The team at Zippia crunched the numbers to find out what states were most likely to play Dungeons and Dragons.

According to Zippia, here is how they came up with their findings.

DND is popular, but it’s also very complicated. Even the most experienced player will often turn to Google to look up new spells or complex craft about the lore.

We looked at a full year of search interest, giving every state ample time to let show their nerdy side.

To determine classes, we used the 15 most common DND classes and did a similar analysis of Google Search Trends.

After the data was all counted, Montana rose to the top 10 states most likely to play D&D. Utah came in at number one, followed by Idaho and Oregon. Montana ranked number 8 in the states that play the most D&D. With Montana's overall favorite D&D class being the MONK.

See all the results of the study from Zippia


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