Labor Day Weekend is here and we are firing up the grills all over Montana. The unofficial farewell to summer is usually paired with some BBQ. In fact, according to, "214 million Americans (67%) plan to fire up the grill this year, while 115 million Americans (36%) plan to watch a movie at a theater or at home."

So what are you going to be cooking this weekend?

For me, one of the highlights of my summer was competing in an amateur barbecue competition. I brought my A-game to the competition, but the grocery bill was expensive. One of my winning recipes was pork belly burnt ends. These things melt in your mouth with a flavor explosion of sweet, smokey, and salty. The only downside was the pork belly was nearly $70.

If you are "Ballin on a budget," but you still want to bring something tasty to the Griz football party, you have got to try hotdog burnt ends.

I have been following pitmaster Susie Bulloch, of "Hey Grill Hey," for almost a year now. She has yet to steer me in the wrong direction when it comes to new/creative ways to use the barbecue. Her recent recipe will turn heads at just about any Labor Day cookout you got planned. It will make those crockpot lil smokies, we all see at football parties, look like dog food. Plus, it won't break the bank.

Watch as Susie explains how she hooks up Hot Dog Burnt Ends, from here latest "Hey Grill Hey" video. Get full recipe and list of ingredients here.


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