Practically every Montana elk hunter has opinions stirred by passion on how these magnificent creatures should be managed.

If your love for the hunt, the preservation, sustainability, access and opportunity fuel your desire to make Montana an even better place for elk hunting, then you might be among the 12 Montana citizens that Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is looking for.

Montana FWP has announced plans to convene a citizens advisory group to address the future of elk management. The 12-member group will be asked to develop new and creative ideas and recommendations and help build new relationships among those who are passionate about elk management in Montana.

In their announcement, FWP listed some of the objectives of the new board, as it contributes to innovative solutions for elk management. That includes issues such as    populations that are over objective in parts of Montana, disease concerns like CWD, the    lack of access on private land, overcrowding on public land and greater participation in outdoor activities as Montana's population increases.

An open mind and the ability to listen to all sides of an issue are critical. You should be able to acknowledge and consider new ideas from hunters and landowners alike.

The advisory board's meeting will be virtual and members will face a fairly significant time commitment of up to 10 half-day meetings from March-July of this year. The first meeting is scheduled for the afternoon of March 22. The advisory board's recommendations will be presented to the FWP Director’s Office for review and consideration by July 31, 2022.

If you are tech or equipment challenged, FWP will make allowances for that, providing computer access and a travel reimbursement program. The application deadline is February. 15. Appointments to the advisory group will be made by March 1. The online application and lots more information are available here.

If your love for Montana's elk motivates you, then you might be the perfect person to fill one of the 12 positions.

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