One of my daughters lost her first tooth a month ago and she's been working on another wiggler for the last week. And my younger daughter is pretty proud of herself and will tell anybody willing to listen about her incoming molars. So with a couple of young kiddos needing their twice-yearly check-ups......we're pretty on top of things when it comes to dental hygiene around our place. It seems Montana as a whole may not be able to make the same claim.

I'm no dentists but I'm pretty sure these aren't great stats:


  • 73% of adults in Montana said they were okay with skipping dental check-ups if it meant reducing the risk of catching coronavirus.
  • 1 in 5 also admit they would delay seeking medical treatment for a serious issue if it wasn’t causing them pain.
  • 3 in 5 parents admit their kids have been consuming more sugary things since the start of the pandemic.

The study from also says Montana dentists "fear a ‘tidal wave’ of dental problems among Montanans when the Coronavirus pandemic begins to flatten as more people are vaccinated against the virus." That goes along with the finding that 65% of Montanans have delayed routine check-ups to COVID-19 fears.

I guess I can see why some people wouldn't want to go to the dentist during the pandemic. We're all trying to stay away from being in a room with your mouth open, where other people have had their mouth open, and somebody is sticking their hands and objects in your mouth.....might not be the most reassuring place to be. But to take the other side of things and argue with my own point - I've also been to the dentist in the last year and all the precautions were taken to help prevent the spread of germs. I had to wait in the car until it was my turn to be seen, masks had to be worn in the office, and extra sanitary measures were enforced.

We're all eager to get on the other side of this pandemic and back to our normal routines. And it looks like going to the dentist is just another item on the long list of ways that people have been affected by COVID-19.

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