Tomorrow (Saturday) is one of the big days on the calendar for big game archery hunters in Montana.

The heat, fire dangers and high winds could all present challenges so please use extra caution out there.  Our buddy Brad at H&H Meats in Missoula also wants to remind hunters that when you knock down your game, take extra care protecting it. Cover your meat with a vegetable spray (PAM, etc.). A cloth game bag helps keep dirt and insects off the animal. Try to avoid using plastic bags. They can retain heat and hasten spoilage. And if you have to use plastic, NEVER use scented bags. "Elk Fabreeze" is not a tasty dish.

Some dates of interest:


900 Aug. 15–Nov. 8

Archery Sept. 5–Oct. 9

General Oct. 10–Nov. 8

Bighorn Sheep

Archery Sept. 5–Sept. 14

General Sept. 15–Nov. 29


General Nov. 15–Feb. 15, 2021

Black Bear

Archery Sept. 5–Sept. 14

Fall       Sept. 15–Nov. 29

Deer & Elk

Archery Sept. 5–Oct. 18

Youth-Deer Only Oct. 15 –16

General Oct. 24–Nov. 29

Backcountry – HDs 150, 280, 316 (no archery-only season in 316)

Archery Sept. 5–Sept. 14

General Sept. 15–Nov. 29


General Sept. 15–Nov. 29

Mountain Goat

General Sept. 15–Nov. 29

Mountain Lion

Archery Sept. 5–Oct. 18

Fall       Oct. 24–Nov. 29

Winter   Dec. 1–April 14, 2021


Archery Sept. 5–Sept. 14

General Oct. 15–March 15, 2021

Trapping Dec. 15–Feb. 28, 2021

Whatever the season and the critter, good luck to all Montana hunters.


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