Are you with me when I say that every day is feeling a little more normal than the one before? Doing away with the mask mandate in Missoula has really made a difference for the better with the overall feel of things. There's just much more of a positive vibe around town! Another thing that's been great to see is all the events that were altered by the pandemic coming back in force for the summer. In just the last 60 days we've made a lot of progress in the quest to return to normal. There's been a ton of concert announcements, we were able to have fans at a couple Griz football games, we've added plans for events like the Whiskey & BBQ Fest and the Northwest Margarita Fest, the PaddleHeads are playing baseball, and we've seen Out to Lunch and Downtown ToNight return to Caras Park without the restrictions they were forced to operate with last year.

Here's another big piece of the puzzle that makes it feel like Missoula is getting back to where we all want it to be - the Roxy Theater is open once again! They've been offering private rentals since last summer but today marks the first time that the Roxy will be open to general moviegoers in over a year. A Missoulian article says the theater could have technically opened in December but decided the timing didn't feel right. That seems like an understandable decision - it feels like more people are willing to go to the movies now that vaccines are readily available and mask requirements have been lifted.

Here's a few thing to know as the Roxy reopens:

  • They'll hold screenings in only two of their theaters
  • Attendance will be capped at 50 people per theater
  • Masks will be required in the lobby and bathrooms but not in the actual theaters
  • Roxy staff has been vaccinated
  • New air filtration systems have been installed in all theaters and the lobby

Get ready to grab your organic popcorn and return to movies at the Roxy! They also have a lot going on outside of regular movie screenings - with live music in the outdoor Movie Garden, Hip Strip Movie Nights, the continuation of Centerfield Cinema, comedy in the Movie Garden, kids' films, and more. See additional details by visiting the Roxy at their website HERE.

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