It’s hard to beat a good donut. My favorite fried dough is the apple fritter, and Craig favors a chocolate covered cake donut. So, when we heard about a place called Psycho Donuts we had to check it out.

They’re located in California, and they sound like some wacky folks. They’ve got a menu of donuts that’s pretty awesome. But wait there’s more...  Missoula's very own chief traffic spy Manny has been to Psycho Donuts and says they’re great. They even came up with a new creation for Donut Day Friday (June 7). They call it the Foie Bomb.

"The Foie Bomb is a raised donut hole, filled with Unctuous Foie Mousse. The donut is severely pierced with a pipette containing honey, fig, and balsamic gastrique. The Foie Bomb is then topped with crispy fried sage. Customers are encouraged to squeeze the contents of the pipette into the Foie Bomb’s center while simultaneously consuming it, to achieve the desired flavor profile.”

A little highbrow for us, but to each his own.