When the holiday season rolls around there is always a couple of questions that everybody is asking. What stores will be open on Thanksgiving? Who will start Black Friday shopping the earliest? Will any major retailers give up the crazy amount of money they could make and actually stay closed for Thanksgiving?

It looks like Walmart has decided to close their doors on Thanksgiving this year to allow employees to spend the holiday with their families.

With the craziness during the first half of 2020, it's nice to see Walmart making the decision already in July to give their workers something to look forward to this Thanksgiving. Since the company also owns Sam's Club stores, they'll be closed as well.

**I'm writing this with the belief that the football gods will smile upon the NFL and allow the season to take place.** So while you're watching one of the turkey day games this year, you'll have to find a different store to run to when you inevitably realize you're missing a thing or two for your feast.

In recent years the craziness of Black Friday shopping has continued to grow with retailers trying to outdo one another by opening earlier and earlier. Walmart hasn't announced their plans for this year when it comes to the day after Thanksgiving shopping yet. All we know right now is they'll let employees enjoy the holiday with family - and we salute them for that.


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