It's high school graduation season, and of course with that comes the obligatory rash of senior pranks.

Most of them are harmless, and we'll give this kid the benefit of the doubt. But it is going to cost him the opportunity to go through graduation ceremonies.

AP tells us that a young man put his high school up for sale on Craigslist. Eighteen-year-old Kylan Scheele listed Truman High of Independence, Missouri, at a buyers' dream price of $12,275. So, someone reports the ad being a possible threat because of the way Kylan worded the post. He stated the reason for the sale was because of the "loss of students coming up." Well, in society today with all the shootings that have occurred in schools, you can understand why someone might freak.

Kylan apologized, trying to explain that what he meant was the loss of the graduating senior class. But that did not get him back in the commencement ceremony, as school administrators and police spent a lot of time tracking the post and trying to determine if it was a credible threat.

You might want to see if you can get hold of your senior's prank agenda ahead of time, huh?



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