As someone who is a sucker for reality television shows, I miss 'LIVE:PD' on A&E. For those not familiar, camera crews followed around police officers all over the country broadcasting what is essentially a day in the life of a police officer, LIVE all across the country.

Shortly before the debacle that was the 2020 riots, A&E chose the Missoula County Sheriff's Office as one of the featured departments they followed around. This was fun to watch, as well as a curse because you never knew if you would see a friend or family member get busted on LIVE television. I witnessed a few familiar faces in just the short time the show was on the air making it almost surreal to sit at home and eat popcorn while watching people behaving badly just down the street.

The camera crews for 'LIVE:PD' followed around a few select officers from the MCSO, elevating these officers to local celebrity status. One of those officers was Captain Bill Burt. Thankfully, I never had a run-in with Captain Burt before. But, just from watching his interactions with people on the show, he seemed like a fair and level-headed police officer.

The following video shows some clips from Captain Burt's time on LIVE:PD.

It appears that Captain Burt has decided to take a much-deserved retirement from the Missoula County Sherriff's Office. This past Friday, February 4 was Captain Burt's last day on the job. Congratulations on your retirement, Captain Burt. Thanks for your service to Missoula county.

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