As humans, we're always looking for answers to mysteries of the great unknown. We crave knowledge, it's just what we do. What lies in the deepest and darkest spots at the bottom of the ocean? Are there other lifeforms waiting to be found in the distant galaxies? As the Baha Men once asked, "who let the dogs out?" Some questions might just be pondered until the end of time, for example, what's up with that property at the corner of Russell and S. 3rd St. in Missoula that seems to be perpetually for sale?

I have so many questions every time I pass the place

You know the place I'm talking about. It's the brick building on the corner that has the tractor sitting on the property. It's actually quite amazing how much time I've put into wondering what's going on with that place. Whenever I'm sitting at either light on Reserve or S. 3rd I'll wonder what the story is. How long has the place been for sale? How could it have never found a buyer in the years that I've lived here? Why would that place not sell when real estate is at such a premium? Are they asking a ridiculous price that nobody is willing to pay? Is it even REALLY for sale?

Need answers? Go to social media!

I loved seeing somebody posing the same questions to a Missoula Facebook page! It actually made me ask myself why I never thought to do the same thing before in search of some real answers. A woman posted a couple of pictures and said she's lived in Missoula for 40 years and claimed the place has been for sale just as long. She even mentioned that it's been the same sign for as long as she can remember.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

What do people really know about the property?

As you can imagine, once the question was asked the comments started coming in with people claiming to know details about the property. Now, don't take these to be facts because I don't know if any of them are. But here are a few comments that people offered up:

    •  I've lived here since 81 and it has always been there
    •  I think it’s just a bad piece of real estate. What business could you possibly put there?
    •  It’s just bad access - you can only access it by going west on 3rd.
    •  They want 1.5m for it
    •  My grandparents owned it 30ish years ago. He was a chiropractor and going to set up shop there. They ended up moving to Silverdale instead.
    •  Through the years he has always has an unreasonable price and keeps raising it. when the opposite corner was 315k he wanted 1 mill.
    •  It almost seems as if the owners died, and there it sits. Who knows?
    •  I've heard because you cannot put in a driveway or space for cars to drive in on that corner (not the house portion) that no one wants to purchase it. I've also heard due to the traffic on that corner.
    •  It’s been for sale there for as long as I can remember. I’m 53. Way before there was any development of Reserve Street, same building, same For Sale sign…It was just wide open land beyond that, or the jewelry store. Nothing more, maybe dirt roads.
    •  We've been looking at it since of the steady landmarks in this town!...Remember all the tractor equipment?..I think nowadays folks are too busy try to fly through the intersection before the light turns to notice the corner anymore.
    •  It used to be owned by 2 brothers,can't remember their name but I did some biz with them years ago. They had trouble getting approval for another entrance I think. I bought a cool property down the road from them,wish I still had it,lol.
    •  Twin brothers live there they are bachelor and about 75 years old. Block Brothers think they are asking too much for their stuff and really are not much interested in moving at this time especially.

Well, I don't know if the mystery has been solved but I feel like we Scooby-Doo'd this thing about as much as we can. I guess now it just remains a game of wondering how long it will be until the for sale signs eventually come down.....if they ever do!

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