Are you familiar with Angel Flight West?

I'm guessing not that many people are - I wasn't until I started writing this story. But Missoula man Joe McNeal has been working on getting the word out there on the program, and now his work is finally available to see.

Let's back up a little bit - Joe McNeal is a former employee of the Missoula County Sheriff's Department. A few years back, he found out about Angel Flight West, a program that arranges flights for people with serious medical conditions to go somewhere to get the help they may be able to get otherwise.

When he heard about it, he decided to start working with pilot Michael Burkes to film a short documentary about the program, as a way for them to bring more awareness to their mission, and hopefully, recruit more pilots along the way.

The short ended up making the rounds at a few different festivals, and recently won the prize of "Best Inspirational Film" at the Los Angeles Film Awards. And now, the short - which is called Angels Do Fly West - has been made available for free on YouTube.

The short is 12 minutes long and follows a young Missoula girl named Mya, who has to travel back and forth to Seattle to get the care she needs for Osteogenesis Imperfecta. The short details her struggle, and how this program has helped change her life and the lives of others like her.

This is some great work about a worthy cause, and it's terrific to hear about an organization doing something like this. What do you think of Angels Do Fly West?

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