If the endless barrage of insanity that is 2020 has made you feel as if you're screaming into an infinite void... well, we have some good news. If you're in Missoula, you finally have a way to vent your frustrations, and have some fun while you're doing it, too.

A new place in town called Unhinged just opened up, and it's what's known as a Rage Room. Basically, here's the idea: you enter a room. They give you a big box full of breakable objects. You smash stuff to your heart's content. Then, you leave the mess for them to clean up before they move on to the next session.

That actually does sound pretty awesome - they supply you with protective gear, and all of the breakable items were donated to them, and that includes bigger items like TVs and printers. And now I'm just picturing getting two friends together to recreate that iconic scene from Office Space.

If you'd like to book a timeslot, they range from "Irritable" (roughly ten minutes) and "Furious" (which goes for about 40 minutes). Unhinged is located 2612 Murphy Street if you'd like to swing by and check it out, and you can visit their website to reserve a spot.

In a year where we've been dealing with a pandemic, an increasingly divisive presidential election, raging wildfires, and people telling you that you should watch Tiger King, it's clear that we need to let out some stress now more than ever. Will you be checking out Unhinged?

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