We continue to see events pushed back because of COVID-19. If there's a crowd or some form of people in close quarters, you can bet it's been delayed, postponed, or cancelled. The Missoula Jr. Bruins found out this week that the start of their hockey season will be delayed until the beginning of October.

Last year's NA3HL season started on September 14th, so the 2020-21 season will begin about three weeks late with an October 2nd start. Some good news that comes with the announcement is the league plans to play a full schedule of games instead of playing a shorter season.

An article in the Missoulian has some thoughts from NA3HL Commissioner Blake Macnicol about the upcoming season and the delayed start.

“We are excited to be moving forward with a return to play date. Our number one priority remains returning to the ice this fall in the safest manner possible for everyone in our hockey community and we believe that October 2nd is a realistic date to achieve that goal. We will be closely following and monitoring the situation with the NAHL and with our hockey partners to develop the most current return to play guidelines as possible.”

The league expects to release the schedule for the 2020-21 season by the beginning of September. They'll continue to monitor COVID-19 stats for communities that represent the 32 teams. Any further decisions will be made with the goal of keeping player, fan, and public safety in mind.

Until hockey returns to Glacier Ice Rink, you'll still be able to hit the ice as the facility will reopen to the public again in late August.

Did you know you can rent Glacier Ice Rink by the hour? It's perfect for hosting a birthday party, work function, or gathering with friends. Or, maybe rent it for yourself if you want your first time on ice skates to not be witnessed by any other human being.

Visit them HERE for public skating info and ice rentals.

Glacier Ice Rink
1101 South Ave West
Missoula, MT 59801

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