The Missoula Food Bank just wrapped up the annual Can The Cats Food Drive, and it was a huge success - Missoula raised over 670,000 pounds of food for Thanksgiving, and that was an incredible thing. And now, it's already time to look forward to the Food Bank's next big fundraiser.

Starting Tuesday, December 1st, the Missoula Food Bank is set to launch its 35th Annual Holiday Drive, and this is a big one - every year, this one event typically raises about one-third of all the individual donations they need to continue operating for the full year.

That's a lot of pressure on one event, and especially in 2020, when more families are struggling than ever. According to the Food Bank, they're currently helping one out of every four people in Missoula County. So the Missoula Food Bank is once again counting on the generosity of the community to keep it going, and they're hoping to raise $250,000 throughout the month of December.

I know it sounds like a lot, but look at it this way - the population of Missoula County is about 119,000. That means if every single person gave just over two bucks, we could reach that goal easy. And of course, you're encouraged to donate more than that if you have the means. A donation page has been set up, where you can set up a one-time donation (or monthly, quarterly, or annual) of $50, $100, $250, $500, or your own customized amount.

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