Have you kicked it around and come up with an idea on how to attack trick-or-treating this Halloween? Did you formulate a master plan on how to gather candy most efficiently? Staying local around the neighborhood? Branching out to hit the bigger developments and apartment complexes? Don't forget about the Candy Crawl at Southgate Mall and free rides when you say "trick-or-treat" at A Carousel for Missoula.

There's one more stop that might be pretty fun for the kids. Fire stations around Missoula will be handing out candy on Halloween from 5 PM to 6 PM. I know, it's only one hour, but they do have to focus on other things, like being ready to run out the door in case of an emergency. Don't take my word for it but I would imagine they'll have the fire engines on display, and we all know how awesome fire engines are to younger kids.

The Facebook post from the Missoula Fire Department says there will also be a special gift for children that are dressed up as firefighters. Can you score that secret goodie if you're 45 and dressed up as a firefighter? Or what about if you're going as a sexy firefighter this year? Well, they did specifically say "children" would get a special gift but I guess it's always worth a shot to try and work your bargaining skills.

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While out trick-or-treating on Halloween you can stop by the closest fire station that'll be participating in handing out candy:

Station 1: 625 E Pine Street

Station 2: 247 Mount Ave

Station 3: 1501 39th Street

Station 4: 3011 Latimer Street

Station 5: 6501 Lower Miller Creek

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