We're pretty lucky in Missoula to have a place like the Missoula Family YMCA that offers so many programs, classes, and services to the community. One of my daughters has been playing soccer through the YMCA and we have both daughters taking swimming lessons. Spending time at the Y has given me a better appreciation for all of the different options that are available through YMCA programs, from camps to childcare.

The Annual Support Campaign

Every year, the Missoula Family YMCA raises funds with their Annual Support Campaign to help cover the costs of the different services they offer. And the best part is that none of the money raised gets filtered out - it all stays right here in Missoula to help with programs and financial assistance to ensure everyone can participate. As the YMCA tries to hit its goal, fundraising efforts are in the homestretch and the push is on with just under a week to go.

A little slower than last year

A press release from the Missoula Family YMCA says this year has seen about 200 fewer individuals and businesses make donations compared to last year. And a look at the numbers as of this morning shows the YMCA needs an additional $65,000 to reach its goal by March 9th.

"As of today, we’ve raised nearly $260,000, or about 80% of our goal. That’s $65,000 short of the $325,000 we need to raise. Every year, we provide affordable summer childcare to 700 campers, serve more than 100,000 free meals and snacks to youth, and coach about 2,000 young athletes in our low-cost sports programs – this work is only possible thanks to community donors who give to the YMCA’s annual fundraiser.” - Kate Rodriguez, the YMCA’s director of fund development.

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If you want to give...

The Missoula Family YMCA reminds you that all donations are 100% tax-deductible.
You can donate online at ymcamissoula.org/donate. You can also drop off or mail to Attn: Kate Rodriguez, 3000 S. Russell St. Missoula, MT 59801

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