We knew this would be coming a few weeks ago, and now it's finally confirmed: event organizers in Missoula can now put on their events without any kind of size limit or restrictions.

You know, as long as they follow certain safety guidelines, because we're not quite done with this pandemic thing yet. It essentially means that organizers can hold events without having to limit capacity, on the condition that they're able to distance people safely, provide stations for hand sanitizing and washing, make sure everyone is wearing face masks, and of course, make sure that nobody with symptoms of coronavirus is in attendance at the event.

So in the most likely scenario, event organizers will probably still be limiting capacity at least a little bit for a few more months - the events will be held, but since they need to make sure everyone remains distanced, that's going to impact how many people can attend. Still, this is a huge relief and a big sign for the light at the end of the tunnel, signifying that we're finally starting to approach the end of a pretty rough year.

So what does that mean for the spring and summer? Could we see concerts coming back to spots like Kettlehouse Amphitheater, or even an indoor spot like The Wilma? It seemed like the recent Brews N' Bonfires event at Caras Park went really well, could be seeing more stuff like that?

Only time will tell, but I'm definitely excited to see these signs of the world returning back to normal.

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