The future of the live entertainment scene seems to be the darkest of all industries affected by COVID 19. But, that isn't stopping people from throwing parties. Just need to find a different way to do it. The crew at RMF Entertainment and Bradshaw Media are hosting the "End of Qurantine Virtual Party" this Saturday night.

According to their FB page

We are all tired of being cooped up so we're gonna celebrate May 2nd with all of you via the internet on FACEBOOK LIVE!

Here's the deal: We wanna help people in some way. We've raised some capital through generous sponsors and businesses. We're taking all that money and giving it to as many people as we can. The amount keeps going up so we can't say a specific amount right now, but just know it's a substantial number!

What are we doing then you might be asking? We are making a big announcement regarding our growth AND we are going to have a lot of fun!

Sam Dasios and Carlos L. Coleman will be hosting a huge Music Trivia featuring several specific genres such as 90s country, 80s rock, 00s hip hop, one hit wonders and more!

Kadin Beller has a few special live performances on deck for everyone too!

All you need to do to win money is PARTICIPATE and have FUN with us. That's it. You can win multiple times too. We are looking to have fun and make the best of this annoying situation called COVID-19!

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