As of today (Wednesday), the Missoula County Fire Protection Association declared fire danger in Missoula County EXTREME.

Recent days have been extremely hot and dry with little to no moisture, causing vegetation and grasses to cure. This fine, dead fuel is a primary carrier of fire in the wildland, and fires fed by this type of fuel can spread out of control rapidly.  And our weather forecast for more extremely hot and dry conditions with windy periods only increases the concerns.

Outdoor permit burning remains closed and west-central Montana fire managers have decided to go into Stage 2 fire restrictions starting this Friday morning, August 10. You can see more details on what is involved and who those restrictions might impact here.

The Garden Creek fire just a couple miles north of Hot Springs has blown up to nearly 2,000 acres in the past day. While Mother Nature's lightning made the call on that one, we don't need human carelessness to add to the misery. Please, folks. Obey. Observe. And if you think you did enough to make sure your actions won't cause a fire, still do a little more!

Our thanks to DNRC spokesperson Jordan Koppen for keeping us up to date.


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