The Missoula County Elections Office Advisory Committee is asking the community for feedback following the Montana Special Election. Elections Coordinator Rebecca Connors says the survey should help her office improve their services and get more information to voters.

“We have about 60 back so far,” said Connors. “The consensus is everything is going pretty good, but we do have some areas to work on, such as building more information about early voting and making sure people are aware of our extended hours when we have a big election and other services that they can utilize.”

Connors was surprised to learn that many Missoulians did not know about the early voting process.

“We call that terminology in Montana late registration,” Connors said. “It is essentially early voting, but we are not tabulating results. That is the only difference. We are just trying to get more information out about that and services voters can utilize before Election Day, helping really get information out about we are closed at noon the day before all elections. A lot of it just pertains to information.”

Connors says folks who voted on Election Day can fill out their own survey and talk about their voting experience right here.

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