Missoula College announced on Friday that the institution is now offering completely online two year associates degrees.

Missoula College Dean Tom Gallagher provided these details.

“The primary purpose of this would be to help individuals achieve their general education requirements and then moving forward for a baccalaureate degree and any four year institution,” said Dean Gallagher.

Gallagher provided details on tuition and fees for a 100 percent online student.

“So the fees are very similar,” he said. “A student if they're totally distant, they're on a little different fee structure, however the tuition is remains the same, but if you analyze the fee structure between being on campus or off campus, it's very similar. The amenities are a little different. Of course, we can all consider what the on campus amenities are, but when you're delivering an entirely remote program, there's substantial cost in the infrastructure to put that together.”

Gallagher was also very proud to announce that men and women serving our country in the military anywhere in the world can also take advantage of an education at Missoula College.

“We have a large number of our citizens who are all over the world as active military participants and a lot of these folks have a great opportunity to start their college education while they're still active military,” he said. “We're also marketing to more of a global audience now, and we've worked through some tuition reductions to really partner with the military to serve these individuals who are out protecting our country. So we're excited to bring perhaps a new cohort of students into the services at the University of Montana Missoula College.”

Gallagher said credits for either the AS or AA can be paired with one of several Missoula College certificate programs and students can add a workforce credential to complete the degree.

For more information on the new online associates of arts and sciences degrees or to apply, click here.


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