The weather is headed in the right least we think it is. It seems like every time we get a couple decent days we look at the forecast and temps are dropping back into the 60's. But we might finally be over that hump, and with the summer weather looking like it might be here to stay, you'll want to have something refreshing in your hand.

We know that Missoula is a great town for beer. But it's always nice to see outside sources give our fine beverages a little recognition. Thrillist has a list of 19 Beers You Need to Be Drinking This Summer - and a Missoula beer made the list - the St. Wilbur Weizen from Bayern.

Here's what the Thrillist article had to say about the local selection:

Hefeweizens are a quintessential summer beer -- at least in Bavaria -- but it can be surprisingly tough to find a version brewed stateside that isn’t loaded with fruit. Bayern’s version hews about as close to authentic as you can find without booking an overseas flight: It’s unfiltered, with the telltale moussey head and hazy, orangey-yellow glow. A house hefeweizen yeast makes this wheat beer distinct from the others lining shelves; the brewmaster claims the recipe dates back to the Brauerei zum Schiff, located 60 miles southwest of Munich.

On another note - Dad likes beer right? Bayern has you covered for Father's Day on Sunday.


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