There will be no taking us out to the ballgame. And I think it's safe to say that we're not even going to entertain the idea of taking us out with the crowd. Yep, the official word came down yesterday that Minor League Baseball is cancelling the 2020 season. It didn't really come as a surprise, given that the season should have already been underway. Plus, Major League Baseball is still trying to put the final details on whatever it is they plan on doing to try and salvage some part of their own season.

It's a disappointing end to a season that never had the chance to begin for the Missoula PaddleHeads. They won't even get to take the field after a complete rebrand for the team that included a new name, logo, and uniforms. The on-field debut will have to wait until 2021........and even that is up in the air right now. We're still waiting to see what becomes of MiLB's plan to eliminate 40 teams including Missoula and the rest of the teams in the Pioneer League.

PaddleHeads ownership assumed the season would be wiped out because of the effect of COVID-19 on MLB and other major sports. The team proceeded with their own plans for entertainment at Ogren Park when they acknowledged the absence of baseball was likely. Tuesday Trivia Nights, Centerfield Cinema movie showings on Thursdays, and Friday Happy Hour are happening all summer long in place of the normal action on the field.

Outside of Missoula, the Pioneer league has teams in Billings and Great Falls. The league started in 1939 and this will be the first season they don't play baseball outside of a break for World War II from 1943-1945. Despite the unknown future and possible separation from Minor League Baseball, the league is looking forward to being able to play baseball again in 2021. Read more on the commitment to next season from the league in this Missoulian article.


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