During one of Mindy McCready's final conversations, the singer describes finding her dying boyfriend, David Wilson, and the miserable and frantic two hours that followed. The phone call was reportedly taped one day before she died and made available on Monday night.

E! News secured the audio from McCready's friend and private investigator Danno Hanks. E! reports that the 'Ten Thousand Angels' singer knew she was being recorded as she goes into detail about how she found Wilson on their front porch in Heber Springs, Arkansas on January 13.

"But he was trying to tell me something," McCready says in the audio. "He was grabbing me and trying to talk. Of course he couldn't talk at that point, half of his brain was on the floor."

McCready says Wilson didn't die for two hours, but she wasn't able to accompany him to the hospital because the police were "too concerned about the f---ing GSR" (gunshot residue). "(Police) kept me from spending two hours with him that would've been the most precious hours of my life with him," she tells.

"Then they come and take my kids after this," she adds, "while we're all trying to heal and everybody's trying to get over this was the cruelest, most awful situation I've ever seen. I just can't imagine it."

McCready died of what authorities believe to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound on February 17. After Wilson's death, police were hesitant to say it was a suicide until his autopsy was finished. This led to speculation that McCready may have had something to do with his death, something she vigorously denied. Her sons Zander and Zayne were placed in foster care when she entered a treatment facility.

The day following her death, Hanks revealed a song McCready recorded that he described as a "video suicide note." Songwriter Courtney Dashe told Taste of Country that she never intended for 'I'll See You Yesterday' to be a song about death, but "music has a life of its own."

Listen to One of Mindy McCready's Last Phone Calls

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