I'll be honest - maybe I'm just checked out of the tech world or something, but I had to look up what Microsoft's Cortana even was before I wrote up this story you're about to read. I knew Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, but I had no idea Microsoft had their own version of an at-home speaker. In retrospect, I probably should have! It seems like something they would have, since every other major company has one. I wonder if this is like a Zune situation, when Microsoft made their own version of the iPod that wasn't nearly as popular (but the hardcore Zune fans will tell you it was the better machine. Too bad there's so few of them!)

Anyway, some researchers were using dialogue from TV shows to figure out how certain words or phrases will accidentally trigger a smart speaker to turn on. And for Cortana, apparently if you say the word "Montana," it'll turn on and start listening.

They don't have a video of that one, but here's another video they've got that shows Alexa listening in after Jon Snow from Game of Thrones says the phrase "a letter."

That's pretty wild, and a little creepy - you could say something that sounds similar to your smart speaker's name and it could be listening in without you even realizing it. Do you have one of these devices at home? Are you the one guy that owns a Cortana?

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