This weekend Billings was buzzing for Garth mania. Garth and his wife Trisha were in town for 3 days playing multiple shows a day. I not only was lucky enough to go to the show but to actually meet Garth and Trisha with my cousin, and we could have never imagined such an experience.

I still can not believe this happened! The pictures are so great and we will cherish them forever. My cousin is 14 years old so even though normally at this age they really don't know too much Garth Brooks but his dad was a fan and he enjoys his music. After this weekend though he thinks he is the coolest guy on the planet.

Normally these days going back to meet an artist is pretty quick and they allow a large number and need to get through fast to get on stage. Well as you can imagine playing two shows a day Garth and his wife were pressed for time yet they still took time to have a special session backstage where they talked and just were hanging out.

They talked to the kids, we had two small ones in there ( 9 and 14). You could tell they were so in love! Garth grabbed the chair for Trisha, they were holding each-other or side to side the whole time. Trisha and Denny's wife Jennifer instantly hit it off as they both love to cook. That was fun to listen to. Also I asked them about my favorite song "That Summer" and asked if he was playing that song, he said yes! So I was pretty stoked. I probably talked too much and was nervous but oh well.

It was so nice and refreshing to talk to them for awhile, find out more about these two icons and truly see how genuine they are. It's a great example I am sure many see and try to follow. They had gifts in the end and were really thoughtful of everyone.

All the folks working were amazing, from the tour and management folks to the crew at the Metra. Top notch all the way around.


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