The sale of recreational cannabis was legalized in January, but that doesn't mean you can drive under the influence.

The Montana Department of Transportation recently sent out a message to marijuana users in the state on April 20, a date celebrated by users of marijuana around the world.

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It turns out that the folks behind the scene at the Montana Department of Transportation are pretty hip. They referenced a lyric from the song Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg to get the word out.

Don't drop $$$ like it's hot when you end up in jail, or worse. Drug-impaired driving is illegal. Remember: if you feel different, you drive different. Leave the car parked. Only #DriveSober.

said MDT in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

Montana law prohibits driving while impaired by marijuana. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with 5ng/ml or more THC in your blood. With sufficient evidence of impairment, a person can be convicted of DUI with a THC level below 5 ng/ml. The law also applies to registered cardholders with Montana’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Photo by Dad Grass on Unsplash
Photo by Dad Grass on Unsplash

Driving under the influence of marijuana in Montana could lead to hefty fines and even jail time. On the first conviction, the fine is $600-$1,000, and that doesn't include court costs.

Man driving and smoking joint

Honestly, we got a good laugh. We're happy to hear that the people working at the Montana Department of Transportation have a great sense of humor. Remember, driving under the influence of marijuana isn't worth the risk to yourself or others. You're much safer binge-watching Netflix and eating a bag of Cheetos.

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