Ever listen to any nerdcore rap?

There was a period when I was in middle school when I got really into it, because I was a very cool kid. Dorky rappers doing songs about Star Wars and Harry Potter? Obviously that was going to be my jam.

Looking back on it years later, a lot of that genre doesn't hold up super well, but there's still a few songs I can kinda jam to. And one of those is definitely "Fett's Vette," by MC Chris.

(Heads Up: Lots of cursing!)

(Sidenote: it's absolutely criminal that we just got a Boba Fett TV show on Disney+ and they didn't play that song a single time. Come on, Disney!)

A couple of years ago, MC Chris actually came through Missoula for a show at the VFW, with Schaffer the Darklord and Lex the Lexicon Artist. So of course, I had to check it out for nostalgia's sake. And hey, it was a good time!

Now, MC Chris is set to return to Missoula - this time for a performance at Monk's Bar, with support from Crunk Witch, who I'm not really familiar with - but based on this music video, it seems like they'll fit in just fine.

If you'd like more info, you can check out the Facebook event page, where you can also learn about MC Chris' work to raise money to fight Cystic Fibrosis. Tickets are available right here for $15.

Will you be checking out MC Chris for his return to Missoula?

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