The polls have closed. The results are in. And Mr. Mayor, you're outta here!

All basketball fans have lost their tempers over what they perceive as bad calls by officials against their home team. But, if you take your protests too far, chances are you're going to be removed from the arena. That would include the mayor of Greeley, Colorado.

Yep, no executive privilege here. AP Sports tells us that Mayor Tom Norton was ejected from a University of Northern Colorado men's basketball game Saturday for walking out on the court to protest an officials' call. The mayor claims he was behaving and did not walk onto the court. He was later readmitted to the game, but had to sit a little further up in the stands.

Northern Colorado, a team the Montana Grizzlies defeated soundly a couple of weeks ago in Missoula, eventually lost the game to Weber State 74-69.

And the mayor probably picked up a few more votes from other devoted fans for his next election campaign.



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