Mayor John Engen provided the following statement:

While we continue to follow guidance from federal, state and local agencies with considerable expertise in managing health emergencies, I want Missoulians to know that I’m engaged with the hospitals and clinics, doctors and nurses, Missoula County and other local leaders as we think about the longer haul. I’m working with these folks on day-care solutions, emergency shelter for those with no homes, help for vulnerable seniors without caretakers, options for supporting workers displaced by closures and more. We’re putting many options on the table and pursuing the practical and possible.

In the meantime, today, unless you have no reasonable alternative, please stay home if you can. If you must be around others, keep a six-foot distance. Wash your hands, watch what you touch, keep surfaces clean. The end to this pandemic starts with simple but meaningful inconveniences like these. Again, you can make a huge difference in the way this disease affects all of us by taking small actions.

We’ll continue to communicate as we provide the essential services to residents and visitors.

Under normal circumstances, I’d call for a press conference to deliver this message, but our circumstances aren’t normal.

Thank you for looking out for each other, as Missoulians have since the community landed on a map.

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