It is America's #1 snack food and there is a day dedicated to it, that's right, March 14th is National Potato Chip Day. It's believed that millions of people will be celebrating the wonderful snack, but really, millions of people each chips every day.

According to potato chips were created August 24, 1853 because an unhappy restaurant customer complaining about his potatoes being too thick and soggy and kept sending them back. That's when Chef George Crum decided to slice potatoes very thin and fried them until crispy and then salted them. The chef expected them to be sent back again, but the customer loved them, and they turned into a staple on the menu called "Saratoga Chips".

It took until the 20th century for potato chips to shift from being cooked in a restaurant to being mass-produced for home consumption. Flavored chips were introducted in the 1950's. And now, potato chip revenues are over $15 billion dollars each year worldwide.

To celebrate, you're encouraged to use #NationalPotatoChipDay on all of your social media accounts.

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